Pediatric prosthesis management, one growth spurt at a time.

All patients need to truly understand how to maximize the function of their prosthesis. When a parent is teaching their child, patient success will correlate to their understanding of how the prosthesis should be working and their ability to report back on questions and challenges. Children who find success using their new limb will gain the confidence they need to expand their life-long goals.

Josue is very much like your average busy toddler, especially now that he can get up and go! He is adapting well to the changes, and Mom is thrilled that her child is happier and fitting in better on the playground. Being able to walk upright has given him a whole new perspective!

George Villarruel has trained our team in all aspects of care for young prosthetic patients and their families. His extensive background in psychology and pediatric prosthetics helps him understand the patient’s perspective to better heal on the outside and the inside.

  • He  has a long history of work and experience with congenital defects and fitting prosthetic limbs
  • George communicates clearly leading patients through the lengthy process of therapy, fittings and gait training
  • Serves the Hispanic community with education and communication in Spanish at whatever level needed

The key to patient success is asking questions and being understood. By leading patients through their care journey in their primary language, George can provide them with a sense of confidence and security that they are being understood. There are a lot of nuances while wearing a prosthesis that could get lost in translation. When the parent can comfortably explain their questions and observations with the practitioner the process is a lot less stressful.

George Villarruel

CP, Director of Prosthetics

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Extensive experience with limb differences and blunt trauma care.

Our Director of Prosthetics, George Villarruel, CP, is a dedicated professional clinician with over 25 years of experience in upper and lower extremity prosthetics with pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. He is experienced with fitting patients with different lower and upper amputations whether congenital or traumatic due to cancer, peripheral vascular disease or infection. Levels of amputation include Boyd’s, Symes, fibular hemimelia, PFFD, hip disarticulation and their appropriate treatment protocols.

Bilingual Clinician

George is able deliver top quality patient care for non-English speaking patients, which leads to more positive outcomes. We know how confusing the process can be and we do everything we can to minimize problems resulting from poor communication. Our staff of prosthetists want to work with you and your team of providers to resolve challenges and help you meet your goals.

If you want to have confidence with your prosthesis and receive care and your primary language, contact George today!