Treating Scoliosis of the spine

Our CCS Paneled practitioners have many years of combined experience treating scoliosis.

Treating pediatric patients is a specialty of Collier practitioners, and scoliosis is a diagnosis they address often. From a long history working with Shriner’s hospital, to local county children programs, our practitioners have decades of combined experience treating scoliosis. Brian Lee holds clinics at 4 different California Children’s Services locations in the Bay Area and along the Peninsula.

You can read about our scoliosis team and protocol here.


treating scoliosis with the Boston Brace

There are 3 types of scoliosis, with the most common being Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, which develops when rapid growth occurs. Contact our pediatric orthotics department to speak with a scoliosis specialist who can answer your questions. We value the importance of addressing the concerns of the family as we care for our young patients, so they are fully informed about the care their child receives.

Please share this video if you have a child or adolescent with scoliosis. There are also support groups online and offline that can be a huge benefit for young patients learning to deal with their diagnosis and wearing a brace. To get you started, here is a Facebook link for Curvy Girls Scoliosis Foundation. They also have a website with additional information.

You can read more about the Collier-Laurence Methodology for serving scoliosis patients.