Therapeutic shoe fitting specialists

Our certified fitters will help you find therapeutic shoes that fit your needs.

Do you need a specially designed shoe due to diabetes, flat feet or a high arch? These are just a few of the conditions that indicate you may benefit from a properly fitted orthotic shoe or insert. You should consider consulting an orthotist if these issue persist or impart your participation in everyday activities.

  • Foot pain or swelling
  • Sharp heel pain
  • Your shoes are wearing unevenly
  • You have had a lower limb injury
  • You are having balance problems

If you have foot orthotics that hurt, they were not properly fitted or they may be worn out. Off the shelf orthoses solutions are not always the answer, and you can make your condition worse if you continue to wear a device that is not fitted properly. Some inserts are not able to fully correct mechanical-alignment problems, but they should help you walk with less pain.

Our therapeutic shoe fitting specialists will guide you through the fitting process with the state-of-the-art Dr. Comfort Scanner.

Patient Comfort Is Our First Priority

There are many types of therapeutic shoes available. We have a wide selection at our retail locations, and there are additional styles available if you can’t find the right fit with an off-the-shelf therapeutic shoe.

In addition to casual and work appropriate therapeutic shoes for adults, we can order and/or customize shoes for our pediatric patients. When youth are fitted with a custom AFO many times they will need a custom shoe to wear. Meet our CCS Paneled practitioners. Their level of expertise in pediatric care is unsurpassed.

Dr. Comfort manufactures footwear with the purpose of helping people remain active.

Proper footwear can help prevent more serious complications for those at risk. While our shoes are designed for those at risk, they also provide great comfort and style anyone looking for a great pair of shoes will love.