Spinal Orthotics and Instability

Our patient care team has extensive experience helping pediatric and adult patients with spinal instability.

Our practitioners experience with spinal instability includes caring for injuries and congenital birth disorders. Treatment for adults and children can include fractures, bone and joint disorders, spinal disorders, and neuromuscular disorders. After being referred by your doctor, our certified orthotists will work with you to fit your device during a one-on-one consultation. Our practitioners strive to be unmatched in our specialty sectors.

Our practitioners listen to your concerns as they evaluate and develop a plan of care.

From mild treatments to extreme deformities, our practitioners assess and provide custom-fitted or custom-designed orthosis to fit the patients’ individual needs for comfort and the best possible outcome.

We are committed to a 24 Hour Turn Around on TLSO devices.
We offer ON-Call emergency services for:

  • Traumatic Fracture
  • Pathology Fracture
  • Post-Surgical Fracture

For us to be successful and meet expectations, orders from doctors need to be called in by 3:00pm. this allows us a three-hour window to get the patient evaluated, casted/measured, and their device manufactured for guaranteed next day delivery.

Patient Outcomes: You can read about a young patient with spinal instability recently treated, and her Mom’s report on the positive outcome.

Adult Back Orthoses

A range of designs are available depending on your needs. During your appointment we can help you with fitting the correct brace for your situation.


Posterior Chairback Brace

Posterior Panel back brace 3

Posterior back brace Panel 4


Neck braces for pediatric and adult patients.