Reciprocating Gait Orthosis – RGO Ambulation Devices

Collier Orthotic Practitioners Can develop RGO Ambulation Device Training for adults and children.

reciprocating gait orthosisRGO trained practitioners are enabling people with mobility impairments access to the latest technology to walk and participate in over-ground gait training.

After being in a wheelchair for almost 5 years, Sandra wants to walk without any assistive devices or orthoses.

Sandra’s biggest challenge has been to overcome her unstable gait due to a spinal cord injury. She has been working with Brian Lee for the last 6 months to learn and adapt to her new device.

Collier Solution: By applying the reciprocating gait orthosis, Brian was able to give Sandra the stability to stand and transfer the strength and momentum of her upper body to her legs. She can now ambulate and feels the sensation of lower extremity muscle contraction. She is very hopeful to continue to progress toward independent ambulation.

reciprocating gait orthosis - pediatric
Collier Practitioners have years of experience providing RGO Orthosis devices.

IndegoRGOA number of our practitioners have gained RGO experience through their work at Shriners Hospital for Children.