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Collier Orthotics and Prosthetics is now associated with Laurence Orthopedic.  We have bilingual practitioners on staff fluent in Spanish.

Patient Care is our first priority.

prosthetic handsIf you or someone you love need orthotic or prosthetic services, you deserve careful attention and expert care. That’s what we believe at Collier Prosthetics. Patient care is our first priority. Our staff of certified prosthetists at our Sacramento, Oakland and East Bay clinics are excited to help you find better fitting prosthetics.

We’re proud to offer many orthotics and prosthetics services to our patients:

Prosthetic Services

Orthotic Services

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Experience in Providing Care

Delivering superior prosthetic support is a mindset, but it’s also a fact. Here at Collier Prosthetics, only the most professional, well-trained certified prosthetists and orthotic service specialists are on our team. We offer industry-leading technology and services that guarantee comfort, easy use and fast recovery.

  • Have you recently experienced a traumatic amputation?
  • Or is a loved one experiencing the effects of an existing congenital defect?
  • Have you been living with a bionic limb for many years, or are you recently in need of one? Do you need orthotic devices?

Let us know how we can help you or a loved one.

Our In-House Fabrication

It’s our in-house fabrication that gives us so much confidence in our ability to get you excellent prosthetic support. In our East Bay prosthetic clinic, we provide each service you and your prosthetic limb could need.

  • You already have a prosthetic socket and limb and need only a fitting
  • You have neither a socket nor artificial limb and need both
  • You need advice on prosthetic options
  • We help you understand the process and explaining what to expect (before you see a doctor for a prescription)

Every prosthetic service we provide is done in our own clinics, with our own certified prosthetists. The services we provide are entirely up to what the patient needs.

  • We often provide prosthetic fittings for pre-existing sockets and limbs
  • If an artificial limb isn’t quite functioning as it should, our prosthesis adjustments are quick and easy
  • If your device is uncomfortable or worn out, we can help re-evaluate it and create a better solution

We’re particularly proud of our in-house prosthetic fabrication, helping to measure and design a prosthetic unique to the patient’s needs and desires.

Contact us to learn more about how we will help you and your loved one with our expert prosthetic services.

Our Emphasis on Understanding and Education

Getting an artificial limb can be stressful, and every step has the chance to be intimidating and scary. We know from firsthand experience what it can be like. Our on-going patient education doesn’t stop at orthoses or bionic limbs. We’re here to help you through the insurance process, and we work directly with our patients and their care team to provide the most suitable type of prosthetic for comfort and their lifestyle.

prosthetic leg

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. This means listening to your unique concerns regarding: look, feel, comfort and mobility. We strive to create and manufacture the best, most comfortable fit for your prosthetic and/or orthotic device with you in mind. As your needs change and evolve over time, we will be here to help re-evaluate your specific, individual needs. We promise to keep you up to date on the latest development of treatment options and are here to help you make any necessary adjustments as needed.

It is our mission that our patients leave with the education they need to use their device to its fullest functionality with no unanswered questions or unvoiced concerns. We value what you think and encourage you to ask any questions at any time.

Patient care doesn’t stop with orthoses that are well-fitted and comfortable. For us, excellent orthotic and prosthetic services include making sure the patient is mentally and emotionally comfortable — the whole time. That’s why we employ bilingual practitioners to make sure you or your loved one understand everything in their own words.

Pediatric Prosthetics

No one deserves more care and attention than children. Collier Prosthetics are especially committed to pediatric specialty care. We take special care to provide calm, competent comfort to children in need of care. We’ve spent years working with Shriners Hospitals. Our prosthetic specialists have fitted and educated children and their families about not only the physical care for young patients, but the mental needs as well. Pediatric prostheses and orthotic care can be a scary thing for anyone, and children in particular receive the benefit of our careful attention and care.

Let us know how we can help you better understand how prosthetic services can be a positive experience for you and your child.

For Everything Prosthetics to Orthotics

Collier Orthotics & Prosthetics is driven by professionalism and care. We want to find the best device for each patient. Our in-house fabrication lets us create everything a patient could need. No matter your need, or the need of your loved one, Patient Care is our number one priority. Let us show you what that means for you.

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