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The Collier Team is here to help patients, doctors, and therapists.

Our number one goal is to provide a positive patient experience during the healing process and subsequent follow up visits. We provide patient evaluations and provide guidance throughout the prescription process. Your patients deserve a team that will help them move forward from their injuries, especially the prosthetic patients that likely need long-term medical care and support. It is rewarding to hear updates from our patients’ doctors who report progress and a positive patient experience.

Nearly twenty years of experience as the primary Orthotic/Prosthetic supplier to the largest rehabilitation hospital on the West Coast, will be behind our service when you refer your patients to Collier Orthotics and Prosthetics in Sacramento and Pleasant Hill, CA.

Nearly 40 years of leadership, and our unique relationship with the largest rehabilitation hospital on the West Coast, means we have the expertise, experience, and execution necessary to engineer the best possible device for your patients.