Pediatric Patient Care in Prosthetics and Orthotics

When you are looking for a practitioner to help your child, choose one who treats the family and the patient.

If your child is in need of specialized care, you are likely feeling overwhelmed. It is very important that you find a practitioner who will not only listen to your needs, but who also has an understanding of your child’s potential abilities with an assistive device. As children grow and develop they will need new devices and their needs will change. We are here to educate you and your child along the way.

Our CCS Paneled Pediatric Practitioners are your helping hand with growing and changing pediatric needs.

Understanding developmental milestones and their effect on orthotic and prosthetic designs is especially important. The Collier Pediatric Team is here to help you and your child through their stages of growth. We want to create a relationship with you and your child that will create positive outcomes for years to come.

Our pediatric practitioner team is one of the most experienced you will find in Northern California and have experience in many areas:

Our caring and compassionate practitioners make patient care their first priority and are well prepared to handle all aspects of patient care for growing patients and their families. Our pediatric practitioners have seen and treated a wide range of needs, specifically the challenge of congenital deficiencies. Our team experience is not limited to pediatrics, so as patients grow, there will be smoother transitions into adult care.

Does your child have a sports injury?

If your child is being prescribed a brace for Patella femoral or ACL/PCL injuries, our orthotists are trained in a thorough evaluation process which leads to the most appropriate brace solution.

Pediatric orthopedic conditions require specialized knowledge and skills. We strive to address the concerns of the family as we care for our young patients, and to make sure you’re fully informed about the care your child receives. Our goals, like yours, are for them to grow in their abilities and confidence for the best possible outcome as they mature into their adult lives.