Pediatric Knee Orthosis

We specialize in Pediatric knee orthosis fitting so that growing bodies can reach their optimal ability level.

Pediatric Knee Orthosis Solutions

Custom-fitted solutions, or if your condition requires – custom designed at our manufacturing facility in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Practitioners choice: Bledsoe Jet for Knee Instability and OA




  • Dynamic hinge-to-strapping system for added control of tibial translation
  • D-ring strapping option available for contact sports
  • Custom or off the shelf
  • 9″ to 16 ” frames to proper fit all shapes and sizes
  • Magnesium metal, lightest material in the industry
  • Air Craft Aluminum for the high impact athlete


  • Provides stability and support following ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries
  • Ideal for ACL and PCL deficient knees
  • Dynamic Bracing for ACLD and ACLR Knees



Z-12 Adjustable OA

Moderate Applications

Provides OA pain relief while stabilizing the knee and protecting the ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL.


  • OTS version has 3° of correction built into the frame
  • Custom has up to 8° of correction capability


  • Mild to Moderate medial or lateral unicompartmental OA while providing support of the ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL and menisci
  • This product is ideal for elderly OA patients
  • This product is ideal for patients with shorter leg length

Products above can be accommodated to treat the uncommon osteoarthritic knee conditions in pediatric patients.

Patellafemoral Specialized Knee Solutions


Severe Patellofemoral Syndrome

Between 20° and 50° of flexion, the patella is at risk for abnormal tracking, subluxation, and dislocation. The 20.50 patellofemoral brace dynamically supports the patella through this range of flexion. This brace is great choice for high activity patients or those with severe strain on the patella.


  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Patella alta and baja
  • Patellofemoral malalignment
  • Subluxation and dislocation
  • Patellar tendonitis, post-operative effusion
  • Jumper’s knee and tight illotibial band or quadriceps laxity

Mild Patellofemoral Syndrome

MildPatelloKneeBraceTrue Pull Design for Patella Control

Great choice to aid in the treatment of patellafemoral dysfunction.


  • For patellofemoral disorders

Features & Benefits

  • Can be positioned to apply either lateral or medial pressure on the patella
  • Permits high degree of flexion with no discomfort
  • Fits left or right knee
  • Easily adjusted to desired amount of pressure





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