Paul Easterwood, COA, C Ped, COF – Certified Orthotic Assistant

Paul Easterwood, COA, COF, Certified Pedorthist

(510) 658-2062


In the summer of 2002, I met Bob Jensen and he hired me as an orthotic technician. The work was part time at first – after I finished my day at the bakery I would drive to Laurence Orthopedic and begin my shift modifying and fabricating custom arch supports. My background in art made this a pretty natural transition for me, and I found the job challenging but fun. After a few months, I was hired full time as an orthotic and prosthetic technician and left my job at the bakery. You can read more about how I went from creating baked goods to creating orthoses here.

In 2007, I became a Certified Orthotic Fitter. I was gaining experience and seeing more patients. I became heavily involved with off-the-shelf and custom therapeutic and diabetic shoes and insoles. I would study foot anatomy books and ask questions about everything. I really wanted to understand why I was doing what I was doing, what function did this modification serve? How does this affect how the foot orthotic feels on the patient’s foot?

I went on to take several continuing education courses and became a Certified Orthotic Assistant in 2011. With most of my focus dedicated to lower limb and foot disorders. In 2017, I attended Francis Tuttle’s Pedorthic Program in Oklahoma City. After completing the program, I passed the board certification exams and became a Certified Pedorthist. I enjoy fabricating and designing devices I fit. My heart is for people and quality patient care is my number one priority.

You can contact Paul Easterwood at our Oakland Office at 510-658-2062.
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