Patient Care is our First Priority

The Collier Philosophy: Patients are our First Priority

collier o and p patient careJust as we take great care to manufacture the highest quality device, we understand that follow-up is the key to long term patient care success. For every patient that walks through our door, care is continuous. Follow-up contact after each fitting gives the patient opportunity for questions, adjustments and reassurance.

Collier goes beyond custom orthotics and prosthetics made to a patient’s specific shape. With Collier custom engineered devices and designs, each brace and artificial limb we make employs unique technology making its function as custom as its form.

You can read about our patient outcomes here.

Patient Care Mission Statement:

Through compassionate care and education during the healing journey with a patient,
the practitioners at Collier O & P will increase our patient’s function and potential for a positive outcome.

Each Collier practitioners goal is to find the best device for the patient. Our experienced specialists are passionate about addressing their needs throughout the process.

Physician Support

CollierFinalLogo050514Our team is here to help patients, doctors, and therapists. We will help with patient evaluations and provide guidance throughout the prescription process. Nearly twenty years of experience as the primary Orthotic/Prosthetic supplier to the largest rehabilitation hospital on the West Coast will be at your service when you refer your patients to Collier Rehabilitation Services.

Your patients will be able to move forward from their injury, and see progress at their next checkup, because they are more likely to wear a device that is comfortable. It is rewarding to hear updates from our patient’s doctors who report progress and a positive patient experience.

Nearly 40 years of bay area leadership, and our unique relationship with the largest rehabilitation hospital on the West Coast, means we have the expertise, experience, and execution necessary to engineer the best possible device for your patients.


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