Pediatric Orthotics

Patient evaluations, family education and continued care during your child’s developmental stages.

Drawing on their years of knowledge, our practitioners listen to their patients and families concerns and work with them to develop a plan of care for their diagnosis.

Our CCS Paneled specialists will take the time to listen to your concerns.

Our team of specialists work closely with inpatient rehabilitation, podiatry and orthopedic departments to provide each patient with a device that will produce positive, lasting results and improve mobility, all with ongoing support. Our post-op care experience includes upper and lower extremities.

Our practitioners are experienced in all areas of pediatric orthotics.

TLSO Bracing

Post-op and spinal stability support for patients of all ages.

Knees, Ankles Feet: Pediatric AFO Solutions

Our Sacramento location also has a large selection of custom-fit and ready-to-wear brace solutions for pediatric patients when custom designs are not necessary. Our Oakland and Pleasant Hill locations have also expanded their ready-to-wear products.

Collier has developed a unique line of ankle foot orthoses (AFO) products which provide more comfort and have been proven by patients to be successful in reducing pain and improving lifestyles.

Sports Bracing

Lower extremity tears and sprains are common issues with youth who play sports. Minor injuries can progress and take them out of the game if not addressed quickly. Braces are also used for added stability during game play. Our trained and certified pediatric practitioners are here to answer your questions.

You can learn more about specific sport injuries from foot pain to stress fractures with the resources below. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it later if needed.

Treating Scoliosis

Pediatric practitioners at all our locations have experience treating scoliosis. They are familiar with the different types of scoliosis. You can read about our scoliosis team and protocol here.