OA knee brace patient review: James Muelleners

We are sincerely concerned with serving our patients in the very best way possible. James took the time to tell us about his experience.

Q: What’s the most important to you about your experience?

A: The ability to work with my schedule and accommodate me in Sacramento instead of the bay area in a timely manner, with quality of care and they wanted to help me.

Q: How did you feel after the first evaluation was complete?

A: Very complete! Nick did an amazing job and was very thorough and willing to fight for the brace I needed.

Q: What was most important to you during your time in our care?

A: The quality of knowledge and the ability to relate.

Q: Why did you choose our company?

A: Quality, speed, knowledge and family

James Muelleners, Sacramento, CA

Thank you James, we are glad we could help you get back to your daily activities….pain free!

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Patient care is our first priority.

If you have osteoarthritis in your knees, call us for a no-cost evaluation. If we fit you with our unloader knee brace and you use it as prescribed, we guarantee you will have less pain.

Video text: “Hi, my name is Jim and I am here at Collier working with Nick. This brace has changed how I live! I was struggling with pain. I play a lot of softball. I am six and a half feet tall, 290 lbs, and when I first came in here, they weren’t sure if they could do anything for me but Nick took me under his wing, found the right brace and fought hard (with insurance) to make sure I received the right brace. Now I am back for my second adjustment and I can’t wait for the next 10 years of smacking it out of the ballpark.”