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lower extremity orthotics SacrmentoA hip abduction orthosis is a brace that is typically used following a revision of a hip replacement or after a hip dislocation or glutis medius repair.

It is used to help prevent excessive flexion or extension (forward and backward movement) of the hip and to limit adduction (it keeps the legs from moving together). The brace holds the femur (thigh) in the hip socket, allowing proper healing to take place. The brace should be worn 24 hours a day unless otherwise instructed

  • Post-operative hip revision patients
  • Primary arthroplasty patients at risk to dislocate Patients needing stability after dislocation
  • Inoperable patients requiring hip stabilization
  • Patients who can benefit from a hip brace to reinforce hip precautions

A prefabricated or custom-to-measurement orthosis utilizes pelvic components to allow for full pelvic weight bearing, eliminating the need for shoulder straps which are often uncomfortable. Unique shoulder joint controls adduction/abduction, flexion/extension, and rotation of the shoulder and arm, offering the orthopaedic professional a true choice of positions. Lined with neoprene, the orthosis is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to don and doff.


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