Collier Prosthetic Patient Care — How to Choose a Prosthetist

It is important for prosthetic patients to develop a trusting relationship with those who will provide their of continued care.

US Veteran and prosthetic patient walks toward GeorgeAfter a limb loss, you need a practitioner who will listen to your needs.

Read what our patients have to say about their experience at Collier O and P.

All of our caring and compassionate practitioners make patient care their first priority. Their experience spans working with all types of limb loss, amputations and cognital defects.

Navigating the insurance maze and creating long-term care plans with many can be overwhelming. Collier prosthetists care for their patients over many years – for ongoing patient education: adapting their device due to physical changes, device replacements and upgrades.


Our practitioners work hard to make sure their patients have the prosthetic device that will help them get back to daily living. Mickhaila, a trans-tibial amputee is a recent patient who received a new prosthesis.

George Villarruel, CP, leads our Prosthetics team with over 25 years of experience.

George is an American Board Certified Prosthetist focused solely in the practice of prosthetics. At Collier, he is responsible for leading the prosthetic team that oversees patients with lower and upper extremity limb loss and congenital deformities. George carries a degree in psychology, which helps him understand his patients point of view and how to guide them through their care plan. George has years of experience with Shriners Hospitals treating children of all ages with a variety of conditions.

George Villarruel, Ray Diaz and Brian Lee are our bilingual practitioners.

AmericanFlagWavingSMVeterans Welcome

We take pride in our country and the men and women who have served in the military. It is an honor to help these individuals realize their full potential.



Genium_Kevin_standing600pxYour first visit

What are your goals? The patient must express their needs – this input has a direct correlation to their success. Communication between the patient and practitioner is vitally important to formulate your care plan.

Assist with the transition

We will teach you how to use your device so you can get back to your daily activities. When adjustments are needed as your needs change, we will make them quickly at our in-house manufacturing facility with complete control over our quality standards.

Continued care, reaching patient goals

Collier practitioners are available for follow up any time you have concerns or questions. We want you to feel comfortable with your device and be able to take full advantage of it’s functionality.

The first step towards getting your prosthesis is finding a practitioner that will listen.

Whether you have been down this road before with another provider, or this is your first time with the process, Collier prosthetists will conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss your concerns. We listen to our patients, and help them understand their role in reaching their goals. A discussion about your interests, lifestyle and goals is very important.

You can read Collier patient testimonials here.

Our practitioners have a broad range of experience fitting and educating patients with the most appropriate device to get them back to their daily activities. Your prosthetist will design a socket that fits your specific measurement and lifestyle. When the socket fits properly, it will give you the highest level of function and independence possible for your abilities.

Our formula for patient care success:


Our practitioners are by your side to help you meet your needs and goals. If you are struggling, you can call on us.

Our Director of Prosthetics holds a degree in psychology, which gives him better insight to care for patients with limb loss — and he is a terrific listener. Each patient is unique
and they deserve to be treated as whole individual, not just as an amputee.


Our certified and licensed practitioners have the knowledge and experience to provide device training from the basics to the highest-level device. Their many years of experience is a resource for their patients in all areas of their care.


We spend time listening to our patients and their particular needs in order to provide the most appropriate care. We work as a team with other providers when needed for our patient’s benefit.


Pediatric Patient Specialists

Our lead prosthetist spent many years with Shriners Hospitals for Children. The volume of patients seen in this in-patient setting established him as a specialist in all levels of prosthetic care for children and their growing needs.

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