Pediatric Prosthetic Patient Care

Why Are Pediatric Prosthetic Patients The Best? They Just Want to Have Fun!

Colin’s just like any other kid. He deserves a fair shot at running, jumping and climbing trees. We don’t think needing a prosthetic arm should get in the way. So when Colin and his mom Maria came to us for pediatric prosthetic support, we were on the same page: Let’s get Colin playing!

“It always seemed that George presented a wealth of information regarding the options for my son’s care — with the goal of helping my husband and I decide what would be best for our son as well as practical for our lifestyle.” Colin’s Mom, Maria Haugseth of Sacramento, CA expressing her thanks.

Colin is a great patient, but all young patients take a special kind of care and attention. So Colin was treated by George Villarruel, one of our pediatric and upper extremity prosthetic specialist practitioners. George, Colin and his mother worked together. Their first step was to customize the prosthesis for the young patient.

It Takes the Whole Family to Get Pediatric Prosthetic Patients to Succeed

George educated Colin and his mom about the fit of the prosthesis, and made sure we’d found the best device for the young patient. Pediatric prosthetics can be complicated because the young patient grows so rapidly, but our in-house prosthetic fabrication means we were able to ensure Colin’s prosthetic arm fit appropriately.

Colin’s mom was a huge help the whole way through. She made sure Colin understood how the prosthetic fitting process worked. She also learned with him and understood what his life was like with his new prosthetic arm. Her positive outlook and supportive encouragement was instrumental to the entire process.

Why Pediatric Prosthetics Are So Important to Us

Getting Colin the most effective prosthetic was obviously important to us. But our certified prosthetist George, was especially dedicated to enable Colin to enjoy typical things kids his age do: Colin wanted to ride his bike! Giving kids tools to be active is another way pediatric prosthetic patients can be a uniquely fun challenge: kids play!

Our devotion to being an excellent resource for pediatric prosthetics comes from the time our lead prosthetist spent with Shriners Hospitals for Children. He became a specialist in upper and lower extremity prosthetic care for children and their growing needs thanks to the volume of young patients he saw there. Our philosophy is simple: treat the family first, then the patient will have the understanding and guidance they need to be self-reliant.

Getting the most appropriate upper and lower extremity prosthetics to our patients is always our goal. But when we’re dealing with young patients who need a pediatric prosthetic, we’re especially committed to making sure it fits right — they’ve got games to play. As for Colin, he’s doing his part. He loves figuring out to do all his favorite activities with his prosthetic arm, and he’s not letting anything hold him back!

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