Collier Prosthetics Patient Testimonials

At Collier, we take pride in our patient outcomes.

Feedback from our patients tells us they have found someone who listens to their concerns and needs.


Pediatric Prosthetics
Meet Laura
Meet Jose

“It always seemed that George presented a wealth of information regarding the options for my son’s care — with the goal of helping my husband and I decide what would be best for our son as well as practical for our lifestyle.”

Maria Haugseth, Sacramento, CA; Colin’s Mom

“George is completely interested – not only in my care, but my feelings and history. He asked me questions NO ONE else had before.”

Laura Kendall, Sacramento, CA

“When I look back on the first evaluation with George, I think how bad I felt and how much courage and strength he gave me to overcome all my weakness.”

Jose Blas Torres, Sacramento, CA


Meet Terrill Osborne
Meet John Bailey


“I am currently in my temporary prosthesis getting adjustments. I am impressed with George’s patience in working with me because he is more interested in my fit than the time it takes to get it done. He delivered what he said he could.”
“George is honest, very knowledgable and passionate of his work. I felt at ease and comfortable enough to try to push myself to do different things.”