Money Back Guarantee if the patient does not get OA knee pain relief

We are the industry leader in OA knee pain relief.

When our orthotists fit a patient with an OA knee brace, their goal is to provide pain relief so you can get back to your daily living…with less pain.

By using the best quality products when prescribed, if patient does not get pain relief, then Collier will stand behind their Money Back Guarantee to Insurance Payer and for Patients Co-Pay.

Collier is rated the best OA knee brace unloader solution by their patients and referring physicians because of superior patient care and quality of the products used.

Ask your doctor to refer you to a Collier or Laurence practitioner for a knee brace evaluation. You can watch the video from one of our patients as he talks about his new unloader knee brace.

For responsive service and patient care, contact Michael Todd at (916) 919-5726 or email us with the form below.