Custom fabricated orthoses solutions

In-house fabrication allow us to offer a range of orthotic devices with expedited turn-around times.

Our certified practitioners specialize in developing custom orthoses for the most complex deformity cases and to control anatomy instabilities.

Designed with the patient in mind, our custom fabricated braces are designed for a precision fit individual to each patient. A more comfortable brace means patients are more compliant about using their brace as prescribed, which results in a much higher rate of success for the patient.

Custom fabrication starts with a CAD/CAM model which is read by the carver for a precision fit with maximum comfort and proper correction. We can design and fabricate with a 24-hour turn-around!

  • AFO
  • Crow Walker
  • KAFO
  • Prosthetic Sockets
  • Spinal Bracing

Our AFO Products

Custom AFOs and KAFOs are used in non-ambulatory persons, post-operative patients, for ankle contracture splints and foot drop splints. Our line of custom ankle foot orthoses solutions are reported by patients to be much more comfortable than the average off-the-shelf AFO. With added comfort, patients are much more likely to wear the device resulting in less pain and an improved gait.

We save our patients save time and money with our adaptable AFO.

Our Articulating AFO is designed to be adaptable as the patient progresses. The “No-Cut” AFO performs as a Solid AFO. As the patient gains better ankle control, we can “Cut” the AFO which allows for articulation. This service can be performed quickly and does not generate another insurance co-pay for the patient.

After a referral from your doctor and an in-depth evaluation, our practitioners will determine and outline your choices for a custom AFO or a pre-fabricated product. After meeting with your doctor and our practitioner, you will have a better idea of what will work for you.

Our Unique Two-Piece R-Wrap

The purpose of the R-Wrap AFO™ is to comfortably provide proper counteractive forces. The interlocking thin pieces of polypropylene enclose the foot and, through total contact, comfortably hold the best possible anatomical alignment to correct the patient’s spastic and tone induced patterns of movement.

The 2-piece, polypropylene, R-Wrap AFO is used primarily for clients with upper motor neuron syndrome (UMNS) due to traumatic brain injury or cerebral vascular accident. These clients have found the R-Wrap to be much more comfortable to wear than other braces.

  • User gains confidence and increased function
  • Eliminates ankle motion in all planes
  • Tone and spasticity management
  • Corrects flexible deformities, accommodates fixed deformities

The Collier R-Wrap can be customized for any age and size.

Pediatric patients often suffer from severe tone. Traditional bracing can accommodate abnormal gait or limb differences, or perhaps relieve some pain. But what if there was a brace that could do more?

The R-Wrap does far more than a traditional rigid or articulating AFO with lower weight and greater comfort. The R-Wrap AFO flexes where appropriate, and still maintains the rigidity necessary to alleviate spasticity issues.

Proprietary R-WRAP™ Custom AFO

  • Comfortable control of spastic and tone-induced patterns of movement
  • The total-contact design controls clonus and plantar flexion synergy during gait cycle.
  • Two-piece interlocking system
  • Ultra thin total contactInhibits severe spastic hypertonus
  • Reduces equines contractures

The R-Wrap will keep foot in 90 degree position and calcaneus at subtalar neutral helping to clear foot through the gait cycle.

  • Tone is reduced
  • Controls Spasticity
  • User can gain range of motion or prevent further loss of range of motion
  • Increased stability during stance and gait
  • Patients improve in ambulation and transfers with full weight during activities

Solid Custom AFO

  • Controls knee hyperextension/flexion 
  • Drop-foot
  • Inversion/Eversion

Solid AFO video

Articulating No-Cut Custom AFO

  • Controls knee hyperextension/flexion
  • Drop-foot, Inversion/Eversion
  • Can be converted to articulating when approved by PT specialist

Articulating No Cut AFO video

Articulating Custom AFO

  • Dorsiflexion assist
  • Plantarflexion stop
  • Free motion
  • Inversion/Eversion
  • Knee hyperextension

Articulating AFO video