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Designing and creating prosthetic limbs is a challenging, complicated, nuanced field. And we understand that for you, the patient, the process from fitting to healing can either be a liberating experience or a nightmare. That’s why every step of our process is devoted to ensuring the comfort and complete satisfaction of our patients. Read on to learn about our comprehensive service offerings, from our certified prosthetist practitioners striving to meet your personal needs, to helping with insurance claims and bilingual staff ensuring your understanding every step of the way. Do you have particular needs, or a unique condition? Tell our certified clinicians about it.

Our Certified Prosthetist Team

One thing that distinguishes our patient care is our commitment to having certified prosthetists on staff. A prosthetist is a clinician trained to assess the needs of the user, prescribe appropriate treatment plans with your other doctors, determine the precise technical specifications of the prosthesis, take measurements for proper fit and make adjustments over the life of your prosthesis.

Once you have a prescription from your doctor approved through insurance, prosthetists design and fabricate your device. Expect multiple fitting sessions to achieve proper fit and for you to learn how to use your prosthesis. We schedule patient follow-up appointments because it is likely your device will need adjustments over it’s lifetime. If your prosthesis is so uncomfortable you cannot bear weight on it, call us for a consultation – sometimes a small adjustment is all that is needed to achieve proper fit.

Not all prosthetic companies are as devoted as we are to patient care which is our number one priority. As a prosthetic manufacturer, our focus is on personalized patient care which means we focus on education and communication. Tell us: is communication with your clinicians important to you? Our certified prosthetists are experienced and compassionate practitioners who are ready to help you and listen to you. We are actively engaged through every step of the process, from insurance paperwork to healing through fitting. We answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and aren’t satisfied until you are.
If you have a question to ask our certified prosthetists, complete the form below and a practitioner will follow up.

Bilingual Clinicians

Bilingual in Spanish, Collier practitioners take great satisfaction in providing Hispanic patients the ability to communicate in their native language about the prosthetic and orthotics process they are experiencing while seeking prosthetic and orthotic care. In order to maximize the functions of complex and sophisticated components, Spanish-only speaking patients appreciate our experience and ability to explain the operations of their device.

Our bilingual clinicians enable us to deliver top quality results for non-English speaking patients. We’re proud of our bilingual prosthetists because we know how confusing the process can be and we do everything we can to minimize problems resulting from poor communication. Our clinicians are certified prosthetists, fully equipped and trained to help you through the insurance process. Insurance companies, doctors prescribing prosthesis and hospital networks can create obstacles to good healing, but we won’t hear of it! Our staff of orthotic specialists and prosthetists will work with your team of providers to resolve any problems that get in the way of excellent prosthetics.
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When we design and fit prosthetics for patients, one priority stands above all the rest: patient care.

Our staff of bilingual prosthetists are devoted to providing you with the attention and care you deserve. Have you gotten the care you deserve? Tell us about it. Designing and creating comfortable and functional prosthetics is best done by serious healthcare professionals like those on our staff! Our certified prosthetist clinicians have years of experience listening carefully to patient needs and designing custom prosthetics that are comfortable and functional for our patient’s goals.

Our Director of Prosthetics, George Villarruel, CP, is a dedicated professional clinician with over 25 years of experience in upper and lower extremity prosthetics with pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. Experienced with fitting patients with different lower and upper amputations whether congenital or traumatic due to cancer, peripheral vascular disease or infection. Levels of amputation may include Boyd’s, Symes, fibular hemimelia, PFFD, hip disarticulation and their appropriate treatment protocols. As an Upper Extremity Specialist, George has worked with myo-electric, hybrid as well as body powered componentry on all levels of prosthetic fitting including trans radial, trans humeral, shoulder disarticulation and interscapularthoracic patients.

“I believe that providing a prosthesis is just the beginning of my responsibility as a prosthetic provider, I am also involved in the education and follow up care of my patients”, says George. He is always eager to learn new methods and philosophies and share for the benefit of the team as well as the success of the patients’ prosthetic experience.
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Are you confident when you wear your prosthetic? Do you feel comfortable and confident in public around others? You can, you should, and we want to help you get to where you do! Some of the most common advice given to patients needing prosthetic limbs is to find confidence, and do everything you can to express it. We believe that our prosthetics are exactly what you need to feel confident in your new limb, and everything we do at our practice is centered on helping you find that confidence, and express it every day you wear your prosthesis.

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Whether you have a prescription or not, we want to talk to you about your prosthetic. No question is too big, or too small. Our Certified Prosthetists are available for appointment at each of our three locations. Give us a call today or contact us by email below.

Our Multidisciplinary Team Approach

On your first visit with a Collier certified prosthetist, you can expect:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Complete Insurance Paperwork
  • Schedule a return appointment to review your plan of care

Prosthetic patients need to work closely with their prosthetic care team to have success.
Our team of prosthetic specialists work closely with rehabilitation team, physician(s), patient and family members to provide improved care for the patient. Collective input from all team members creates a clear plan for better patient outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction with improved mobility results.

The Evaluation Process

  1. We work with a team of rehabilitation physicians, neurologists and rehab therapists to assess patients’ strengths, deficits and cognitive ability to provide the best possible outcome.
  2. Help the patient find the prosthesis that is best suited for their needs, and assist with insurance paperwork and approval.
  3. Being very friendly and professional during patients’ extremely emotional and difficult time in the hospital and during the healing process, as usually it is a life changing accident or trauma that has put them there.
  4. Having a great team of technicians that fabricate the custom devices in-house. It is very important that the patient is fit with their device quickly while they’re still in the hospital to start gait training and muscle strengthening. This also gives the practitioner a chance to make any necessary adjustments before patients are discharged.
  5. We have a stellar administration staff who provide excellent practitioner support and communicate with patients’ families and the care team with administrative questions and concerns.