Patient Care and Education

One of our firmest-held beliefs is that our patients deserve prosthetic care defined by kindness, competence, compassion, respect and patience.

  • We’ve placed special attention on personalized patient care as long as we’ve been in business.
  • We think that attention comes through in places like our focus on education, and our communication.
  • Whether it’s your first prosthetic, or you’re a life-long wearer of prosthetic limbs, the process can be confusing, upsetting and emotional.
  • We do everything we can to keep you aware of what’s going on, what we think is best, and we never leave you behind.

See our Patient Care Mission Statement

Prosthetic patients have enough to worry about without needing to be concerned about the experience or compassion of their prosthetist. Which is exactly why patient care is our first priority.

  • The only thing we want is for you to be confident and comfortable in the best fitting prosthetic for you. Our staff is made up of certified prosthetists with years of experience.
  • Our in-house prosthetic fabrication guarantees you the best fit, the best design and any customization you need.

Prosthetic patient care is a whole-picture issue for us, it’s not only about the patient, or their health care team, or the new prosthetic limb. For us, prosthetic patient care means listening carefully to what you need from your limb, and finding the best device for each patient.

  • We work directly with our patients and their care team to provide the most suitable type of prosthetic for comfort and lifestyle.
  • For recent amputees, we stand by to help you through the insurance process and the prosthetic measuring & sizing.
  • For those who have more experience wearing their artificial limbs, we can help you re-evaluate if your device is uncomfortable or worn out.

An uncomfortable prosthetic foot can lead to terrible headaches and back pain – and is there anything more aggravating than back pain?

  • An ill-fitting prosthetic leg can cause skin irritation and even arthritis in long-term cases.
  • Poorly designed or ill-fitting artificial arms or prosthetic hands can get in the way of your day-to-day life, interrupt focus, and defeat the purpose of having a prosthetic in the first place.
  • We are committed to being more than a provider of prosthetics. We are a part of the development of innovative treatments because we want our patients to have satisfying, rewarding, comfortable lives with their prosthetic limbs. We take joy in delivering personalized patient care that results in a natural life.

There are companies that make prosthetics with a more factory-line mentality, whose approach is to turn out prosthetics as quickly and uniformly as possible. We don’t think that’s right for our prosthetic patients. We focus on both pediatric specialty care as well as adult prosthetics, because there’s no wrong time to have the best fitting prosthetic of your life.

Another key feature of our practice is the appearance and usability of our artificial limbs.

  • Some amputees worry about being stared at, and others take strangers’ stares as a sort of challenge.
  • No matter what, everyone wants the best prosthetic foot, or coolest prosthetic arm they can find, right? As a prosthetic patient, it’s your call about how you want your limb to look, and we enjoy making sure that it reflects your personality, need and lifestyle.
  • There was a time when amputees might have had reason to hide their artificial limb, or when prosthetics were ungainly – but not anymore!
  • We love designing and building advanced prosthetic arms, cool prosthetic legs and artificial limbs that aren’t just attractive, but fit great.

Wisdom among amputees is that your prosthetist can be your biggest supporter, or your biggest hindrance. Every day with every prosthetic patient we receive, we are committed to being in that first group: your biggest supporter and champion.

  • For pediatric prosthetics, we help parents understand the process of design and fitting so they can be confident and support their child.
  • For child and adult prosthetics, we have experience building artificial limbs that are meant for all manner of activity.
  • No one has to follow any sort of template for what activities they enjoy and excel at and the same is true for our prosthetic patients!
  • Being an amputee doesn’t mean you can’t stay active in the way that you enjoy, and we’re committed to making sure that’s possible for you, with the best fitting prosthetic for you.

We’ve been focused on education, communication and personalized patient care for as long as we’ve been in business. Patient care is our first priority, and we want to demonstrate that to you. Servicing our prosthetic patients is a serious business. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy providing you with an advanced prosthetic arm, or a cool prosthetic leg that suits your lifestyle, or the best prosthetic foot available.