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Orthotics and Prosthetics Patient Care – Our offices are open.

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As an essential health care service provider, our offices remain open with a full staff of trained, licensed, bonded and insured practitioners who are ready to provide on-going care for those in need of mobility devices and for in-patient hospital calls 7 days a week, evening and holidays. Providing Orthotics

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Ian McLaughlin: Rising to the Challenges of Post-Stroke Recovery

Ian’s latest achievement: The Rise Paralysis Recovery 5k Wheel & Walk Ian, what’s most important to you about your experience with Collier? As a person recovering from multiple serious strokes and complete hemiplegia, I needed to assemble a team of dedicated professionals I can rely on in my recovery effort

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How can you help your patient find a prosthetist?

Refer a practitioner who puts patient care first. A Guide for Medical Professionals and Patients who want to know more about the documentation process to get a prosthesis. Our patients will receive ongoing care recommendations as they work towards their rehabilitation goals. After a patient is referred, our job is

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