Upper and lower limb prosthetic patient care

lower extremity prosthetic leg
Limb loss, amputation or congenital defects can all result in a need for prosthetic limbs, but no matter the cause, our prosthetists are experienced in providing the artificial limbs tailored to your particular circumstances. We work with you and your doctor to design, construct, fit and maintain prosthetics that are perfect for you, your lifestyle and your needs–whether yours is a bionic prosthetic leg, robotic prosthetic arm, myoelectric hand, or mechanical lower limb prosthetic. We’ve experienced some of the most difficult medical cases needing limb replacements, and we’re confident in our ability to help you. At the center of our work ethic is our conviction that establishing a positive, trusting relationship with your prosthetist is crucial to the success of your care plan. We have answers to all your questions about your prosthetic limb, your care plan, and anything else to make your experience better.

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Lower Extremity Prosthetics:
Legs, Knees, Ankles, and Feet

Prosthetic Ankle AdjustmentLike any limb replacement, prosthetic limbs for the lower extremities present many challenges, most that our adult and pediatric prosthetic specialists work with frequently. Prosthetic legs should do more than simply keep you upright, or let you manage to walk. Our hope for you is that you’ll be able to maintain an active lifestyle in the way you want. We know from experience that artificial legs or lower limb prosthetics don’t need to stop you from doing the activities you love.

Are you a:

  • hiker
  • jogger
  • dancer
  • museum-goer

Your prosthetic leg doesn’t have to get in your way.

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Watch this video of a hiker patient of ours learning the ropes of her new prosthetic leg.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics:
Arms, Hands, and Fingers

Fitting Prosthetic Arm and handUpper extremity prosthetics, like prosthetic arms, are a unique challenge. Finding a way to simulate or duplicate range of motion and activity with a bionic arm takes a commitment and we work directly with our patients and their care team to provide the most suitable type of prosthetic for comfort and their lifestyle. The options available to you for a prosthetic arm or prosthetic hand can be overwhelming – but we can help you navigate that experience, and walk you through the process of selecting the right artificial limb for you, and getting comfortable wearing it.

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Help with your Prosthetic Limb Every Step of the Way

Patient care is our first priority. For a prosthetist, what that means is communicating clearly and frequently with you to learn your needs and preferences for your artificial limb. Our certified prosthetists take everything into account before making a prosthesis recommendation. This also means helping you manage the details of process on your terms. We have bilingual prosthetists and practitioners to make sure everything makes sense to you throughout the process of getting you your prosthetic leg or prosthetic arm.

The process of designing, building and fitting new prosthetic limbs can be filled with bureaucratic challenges. Paperwork and insurance documentation are often overwhelming, and even the differences between your medical care team and your prosthetists can be confusing. Part of our personalized patient care is focusing on education and communication. Our certified prosthetists aren’t your doctors, and you don’t need a prescription to speak with us, but once you have one, we can help to fill it to your personal needs. We’re also here to help you through the insurance process.

MyoElectric HandFrom healing through fitting, our certified prosthetists are committed to your care and confidence. For you to feel completely confident in your new prosthetic limb, you need to be able to trust your practitioners and good communication is critical. You can find us in Pleasant Hill and East Bay, and let us show you our commitment to your care. You’ll leave our care well-informed, confident and ready for anything – and that’s all we want for you!

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