Spinal Orthotics

During your spinal orthotics consultation, our practitioners listen to your concerns as they develop a plan of care.

The Collier team also has extensive experience with pediatric and adult patients

Our specialist care includes both injuries and congenital birth disorders which can include fractures, bone and joint disorders, spinal disorders, and neuromuscular disorders.

Our practitioners strive to be unmatched in our specialty sectors.

After being referred by your doctor, Collier practitioners will fit you for the device during a one-on-one consultation.

Spinal Orthotics

From mild treatments to extreme deformities, Collier practitioners can assess and provide custom-fitted or custom-designed orthoses to fit their patients’ individual needs.

Treating Youth Scoliosis

Our CCS paneled practitioners treat pediatric patients with systems developed from their work with Shriners Hospitals.

You can learn more about our pediatric experienced practitioners here.

boston-brace-lineart bracing-blue-brace The ideal brace for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is the Boston TLSO (thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis) worn full-time (18-23 hours/day). Studies have shown that bracing can successfully prevent curve progression in the overwhelming majority of patients. The Boston TLSO fits under the arms and around the rib cage, lower back, and hips.


Collier Resources Page has more information on scoliosis, you can read more here.


Adult Back Braces

A range of options depending on your needs.





Neck Braces