Northern California Orthotics

Our orthotists are trained to provide the highest level of patient care for the best possible outcome.

Our certified practitioners will take the time to listen to you. If you have not had a positive experience or it hurts to wear your orthosis, we want to know. We make patient care a priority. If needed, we will work with other members of your care team to reach the most appropriate plan of care.

We will work with your insurance to find the device which fits your needs and is most cost effective. Sometimes the device you already have may need adjustments for a better fit – your comfort is extremely important for you to realize the optimum benefits of the orthosis.

  • Custom-designed orthoses are manufactured on site
  • Custom measurement & fitting
  • Multiple appointments are available to meet the unique and individual conditions of each patient
  • We work with all ages of patients: pediatric, adult or geriatric

Your first step is to get a referral from your primary care doctor.

Our experienced and dedicated practitioners are specialists in their respective fields of practice. This ensures that each patient receives the most appropriate device, recommended by practitioners who specialize in their scope of practice.

The extent of an evaluation and assessment depends on the complexity of the patient’s diagnosis and urgency for care or treatment. This may involve only the initial visit, or a series of visits may be needed to reach a specific conclusion as to the most appropriate treatment.

Collier and Laurence practitioners scope of care:


Sports Injury Knee Brace Solutions

Patellofemoral Brace Solutions

Osteoarthritis Brace Solutions

ACL, PCL & MCL Brace Solutions

Other Lower Extremities

Knee Ankle Foot Brace Solutions (KAFO) Orthotic Brace Solutions

Ankle Foot Brace (AFO) Orthotic Brace Solutions

Custom-Fitted Brace Solutions

Pediatric Orthotics

Upper Extremity Orthoses

Wrist Brace Solutions

Elbow Brace Solutions

Shoulder Brace Solutions

Spinal Orthoses

Back and Neck Brace Solutions

Scoliosis Patient Care

RGO Systems

Post Operative care is available for all areas of care.


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