Lower Extremity Orthotics Sacramento

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Collier Orthotics Sacramento

Our certified practitioners have several specialty areas in lower extremity orthotics.


Together, our team has nearly 40 years of experience from the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Drawing on their years of knowledge during the evaluations process, our practitioners listen to their patients’ concerns and work with them to develop a plan of care.

The Collier team strives to be unmatched in our specialty sectors of patient care and lower extremity orthotics.

Collier is a full service Orthotics and Prosthetics patient care facility located in Pleasant Hill and Sacramento, CA. Our certified practitioners have several specialty areas which include lower extremity ankle foot orthoses, knee ankle foot orthoses, OA knee orthoses and pediatric orthotics.

Our team of specialists work closely with inpatient rehabilitation, podiatry and orthopedic departments to provide each patient with a device that will produce positive, lasting results and improve mobility, all with ongoing support.

Collier can custom-design products for patients when standard products do not meet their needs.

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Our Sacramento location also has a large selection of custom-fit and ready-to-wear brace solutions for patients when custom designs are not necessary. Our Bay Area location in Pleasant Hill, CA has also expanded their ready-to-wear products.

You can read about our pediatric specialties here.

Pediatric AFO solutions

Collier practitioners have extensive experience in knee injuries and treatment options.


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Collier Orthotics and Prosthetics specializes in lower extremity orthotics in Sacramento, CA.