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Choose a prosthetist who will treat the family and the patient.

Your first step towards healing is speaking with a practitioner who listens.

When your child needs help with their prosthesis, you are likely feeling overwhelmed. It is very important that you find a practitioner who will listen to your needs, and understand your child’s developmental stages.

As children grow and develop they will likely need new devices and help learning how to use them. Over time you will likely build a closer relationship with your child’s prosthetist than your other care providers. Our caring and compassionate practitioners make patient care their first priority, within your child’s comfort levels and the education they will need using their new limb.

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Our lead prosthetist, George spent many years with Shriners Hospital. The volume of patients seen in this inpatient setting established him as a specialist in all levels of prosthetic care for children and their growing needs. Collier practitioner George Villarruel carries a degree in psychology which is very helpful while guiding patients and their families through their care plan.

You can read about George’s experience here.

Collier’s key ingredients for the most successful patient outcome: 


Our practitioners are by your side to help you meet your needs and goals. If you are struggling, you can call on us.

Our Director of Prosthetics holds a degree in psychology, which allows him to better care for patients with limb loss — and he is a terrific listener. Each patient is unique and deserves to be treated as a whole individual, not just as an amputee.

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Our certified practitioners have the knowledge and experience to provide device training from the basics to the highest-level device. Their many years of experience is a resource for their patients in all areas of their care.


We spend time listening to our patients and their particular needs in order to provide the most appropriate care. We work as a team with other providers for our patient’s benefit.


Pediatric Practitioners

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