Collier’s line of custom ankle foot orthosis solutions

A custom ankle foot orthosis is worn to support and hold the foot and ankle in the correct position.

Commonly referred to an “AFO”, these braces are typically used to correct foot drop and stabilize patient gait.

Collier custom-made AFO family of braces are designed for maximum patient comfort. When a patient is more comfortable, they are much more likely to wear their brace as prescribed which results in a higher rate of success for the patient. An AFO orthosis is also known as a foot drop brace. Ours is a custom-fabricated, made-to-fit-to-you orthosis that will always produce a more positive patient outcome than an off-the-shelf AFO.

custom ankle foot orthosis

Proprietary R-WRAP™ Custom AFO

  • Comfortable control of spastic and tone-induced patterns of movement
  • The total-contact design controls clonus and plantar flexion synergy during gait cycle.

Collier R-Wrap video



Solid Custom AFO

  • Controls knee hyperextension/flexion 
  • Drop-foot
  • Inversion/Eversion

Solid AFO video


Articulating No-Cut Custom AFO

  • Controls knee hyperextension/flexion
  • Drop-foot, Inversion/Eversion
  • Can be converted to articulating when approved by PT specialist

Articulating No Cut AFO video


Articulating Custom AFO

  • Dorsiflexion assist
  • Plantarflexion stop
  • Free motion
  • Inversion/Eversion
  • Knee hyperextension

Articulating AFO video



Collier’s line of custom ankle foot orthosis solutions are reported by patients to be much more comfortable than an off-the-shelf AFO. If the brace is more comfortable, patients are much more likely to wear the device resulting in less pain and a better gait.

AFOs and KAFOs are used in non-ambulatory persons, post-operative patients, for ankle contracture splints and foot drop splints.

You can read more here about our KAFO orthotics.


custom ankle foot orthosis

comfort sleeves for afo braceAnkle sleeves are highly recommended for added comfort while wearing your brace. Visit our partner for a selection of sleeves custom designed for use with all of our orthosis products.

custom ankle foot orthosis, contact Comfort Sleeves