Ankle Foot Orthoses Solutions

(AFO) Ankle Foot Orthoses

The choices can be overwhelming if you are in the first stages of a new diagnosis or being re-fitted due to changes in your condition. What is your level of activity, and what will insurance pay for? These are great questions to discuss with your practitioner to see what meets your needs.

After a referral from your doctor and an in-depth evaluation, Collier practitioners will outline your choice of options within our custom AFO orthoses or by custom-fitting a pre-fabricated product.



The Collier team strives to be unmatched in our specialty sectors of patient care and ankle foot orthoses solutions

Our certified practitioners specialize in providing the best possible service and developing custom orthotics for the most complex deformity cases and controlling anatomy instabilities.

Collier has developed a unique line of ankle foot orthoses (AFO) products which provide more comfort and have been proven by patients to be successful in reducing pain and improving lifestyles.

Proprietary R-Wrap Video


Articulating ANC Video

Articulating NoCut Video

Articulating Solid Video

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comfort sleeves for afo braceAnkle sleeves are highly recommended for added comfort while wearing your brace. All our products come in sizes for pediatric and adult patients.

Visit our partner for a selection of sleeves custom designed for use with all of our orthosis products.


Collier Orthotics and Prosthetics is now associated with Laurence Orthopedic. We strive to provide excellence in patient care. Watch our video here.