ACL, PCL & MCL Knee Instability Orthotics

z12-dynamic-150pxThe Collier team will evaluate and provide custom or custom-fit bracing for ACL, PCL or any other knee instability issue. Our job is to match the patients’ daily activities. We work directly with the care team to provide appropriate products for the patient’s diagnosis.

This family of braces help those who experience a ligament injury or fracture, knee surgery to repair damaged ligaments, fractures or any of the other knee instability orthotics issue.

Products we use have a unique hinge-to-strapping system in a dual-upright dynamic frame for control of tibial translation, and ideal for ACL and PCL deficient knees. A pivoting gastroc strapping design acts as a “finger-trap,” minimizing brace migration. Quick-release buckles are used for ease of application.


  • Dynamic hinge-to-strapping system for added control of tibial translation
  • D-ring strapping option available for contact sports
  • Custom or custom-fitted
  • 11″ to 16″ frames to proper fit all shapes and sizes, additional shorter lengths for pediatric patients
  • Magnesium metal, lightest material in the industry
  • Air Craft Aluminum for the high impact athlete


  • Provides stability and support following ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries or surgeries
  • Ideal for ACL and PCL deficient knees
  • Dynamic Bracing for ACLD and ACLR Knees

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